Practice Areas

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I am happy to work with clients in Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Baltimore, and Queen Anne’s Counties, as well as throughout Maryland and Washington, DC.  I aim to provide comprehensive legal services with an approach driven by value and efficiency.

I welcome any type of case, but will focus primarily on the following areas of law:

Business Law – The key to a successful business is careful planning.  Understanding the needs of a business as they relate to its specific industry is a key component of this planning.  Because I have experience working on complex litigation involving many different industries, I am able to understand how each particular industry informs the challenges and opportunities within it.  I look forward to sharing those insights with you.Business People. Successful Business Partner Shaking Hands in th

No matter where your business currently stands –  starting your business fresh and deciding how to organize or incorporate, looking to expand your footprint, or exploring a business transaction – I am here to help.



Estate Planning and Probate:  Estate plans should not be overlooked by any individual, and if you don’t think you need one, I’d ask you to reconsider.  Estate Plans are particularly essential to those of us considering starting a family.  Contrary to popular opinion, Estate Plans are more than about taxes in that they provide certainty and prevent conflict in a difficult time for families.

Whether you  need a “simple” Will or Revocable Trust to govern the disposition of your assets, an Advanced Medical Directive (Living Will), and a Power of Attorney, or you’re looking for a more comprehensive and bespoke Estate Plan, I look forward to helping give you, and your loved ones, the peace of mind you deserve.

I am also available to help open Estates and assist the Personal Representative in navigating the complexities and formalities of Estate Administration.

houseReal Estate – Real estate is unique, quite literally.  Each parcel of land is truly one of a kind and the challenges that encompass real estate law reflect this uniqueness.  Because of this, a thoughtful approach is necessary when considering any type of real estate transaction.

 If you are looking to purchase, sell, or lease real estate, or need to sort out issues with your deed or title, I look forward to analyzing your unique property and its attendant needs.

chesapeake-bay-1310538_1920Land Use, Zoning, and Environmental Law  – Are you’re looking to make a change to your own property like removing trees or considering an addition in the Critical Area? Or are you concerned about potentials changes like a new development or piecemeal rezoning going on in your neighborhood, town, or County?  Or do you simply want to make sure you’re in compliance with existing laws?

Regardless of how you answer these questions, I’m here to help you navigate the various codes and authorities that will determine the outcome of your matter.

Civil Litigation -When we’ve run out of “friendly” options, sometimes the only way to get what we deserve is to file a lawsuit.  I am here to vigorously represent you throughout settlement discussions, alternative dispute resolution, or when necessary to take your dispute to trial.